Flavourful flatfish from the North Sea

The plaice specialist

Ever since the beginning of this century, Varia Vis has always been a reliable partner in the fish industry. The company specialises in the processing of flatfish from the North Sea. Plaice, especially, is a product that leaves the doors in large numbers every week. Varia Vis keeps the entire process in-house, from purchase to distribution. Supplying the freshest fish, caught with sustainable fishing methods, is one of our most important priorities.

Purchasing is largely done at the Urker fish auction, the largest in Europe when it comes to flatfish from the North Sea. Our company is located but a stone’s throw away, where the products are processed immediately after unloading. After processing the fish we transport it to our clients ourselves. This way we can ensure that we deliver products of the highest possible quality.

Entire production process in our own hands

Our own fish filleting department

Varia Vis is one of the few fish processing companies that still have their own filleting department where the fish is processed by hand. With skilled personnel who know exactly how the product should be handled and processed to comply with the client’s requirements. In doing so, Varia Vis can be certain that the product is processed with the utmost care. Immediately after filleting the fish, it is packed and labelled by our own employees, following our client’s wishes. The fish is distributed to various destinations by way of refrigerated transport.

Ensure quality by keeping the entire process in-house

Uninterrupted refrigeration chain

High standards for hygiene

The entire process at Varia Vis is HACCP-certified. The constant monitoring ensures that quality remains excellent. Moreover, the company has received the national quality label for fish and meat, an EEG number. The abovementioned certification means that the quality of the fish product and all its additives are constantly monitored. During the process random chemical and bacteriological tests are continually taken. There are hygiene rules for materials and personnel to ensure we deliver a food product as fresh and clean as possible. The entire process takes place in cooled areas so that the refrigeration chain from vessel to consumer is never interrupted. Before delivery there is a final check to determine if our objective of delivering a product of the highest possible quality was successful.

Production following the strictest hygiene requirements

Fishing, also in the future

Sustainably caught fish

At Varia Vis we do not only look at quality when buying fish, but also at sustainability. Our aim is for all the fish processed by Varia Vis to have an MSC-label. The Marine Stewardship Council is a global organisation that works with fishermen, the fish processing industry, trade, scientists, nature and environmental organisations, and the consumers to promote the most environmentally friendly choice in fish and fish products. This means that the fish is caught in a responsible manner and that the stock is not overfished. It is also a guarantee that the rules, regulations and international agreements that apply to fishing are complied with. With fishing we aim to do as little harm to the ecosystem as possible.

Processing of sustainable fish

Our products

Quality from the North Sea

Varia Vis chooses fish from the North Sea. Fish that is known as the most flavourful fish. The assortment consists mostly of flatfish, which is generally supplied as fillet. Without bones and ready to use to prepare a meal in a restaurant or at home in your own kitchen. Please contact us about our products without any obligations.